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Journal Entry: Wed Sep 22, 2010, 11:29 AM
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I luuuuuuv to be tagged.
Because this deviantArt world is here for fun, and it's fun to learn things about people, or to tell them things about you.

What I don't like as much is tagging people, because I don't want to bother them. So even if I will answer your tags, don't expect me to make some in return.

So I was tagged by my friend :icondarthhell: and he asked for 10 things about me. Here are the rules :
- Publish these rules. (CHECK)
- Write 10 things about you in your journal.  (CHECK)
- Choose 10 friends and put their icon on same page. (If only I had 10 friends)
- Go to their pages and tell them they are tagged. (No way!)
- No turn backs. (Too bad, because it can be so good when you turn your back)

1 . I am 1.84m tall (a little more than 6 feet). As it's generally the first thing people see about me, I chose to mention it first.
2 . I am a "maniaco-messy" girl... both a maniac loving things to be in order and a messy girl, at ease in the most horrible mess.
3 . I only wear thongs. Yeah bare with me!
4 . I know it was supposed to be "bear with me" in #3, but I would love you to get naked with me, if you would dare... hence the double meaning above. Other than that, I hate typos and spelling mistakes. That must be related to my job.
5 . I sleep naked. Except sometimes when I really get cold at night and I look for my pyjamas and have a hard time finding them back :D
6 . I love shoes. High heeled shoes mainly. Hmmmm yes, it adds to the 6 feet I told you about in #1.
7 . I have an ever-growing addiction for make-up. Actually I faint nearly everytime I see nail polishes, and (self-made) manicures are my new reason to live. :D
8 . I am stubborn. This one was suggested by my husband. I'll have a word with him after I'm finished with this.
9 . Yes I can be that flirty in the real world and not only on dA. No it's not that usual in France.
10 . I don't plan to tag anyone actually. I don't really like to follow rules when they're 'not so important', and I never do the same recipe twice (cooking rules are still rules, aren't they?)


Now feel free to break the rules or create new ones.
You want to get tagged in return? Just ask me :floating:
You want to know something else? Just ask me :flirty:


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